The classic SP-600 is a government/military grade VLF/LF/MF/HF/VHF receiver built to contract specifications by Hammarlund, which is now out of business. Many thousands of these were made and used worldwide. Most were made in the period 1951-55, but some were sold right up until the 1970s. BBB-4 VLF Receiver for broadband 0.1 to 11 kHz reception of naturally-occurring ELF-VLF radio This schematic is being offered as-is. Please see notes at the bottom of this sheet before contacting...
The EM16 VLF Receiver is the most widely used electromagnetic geophysical instrument of all time. Local tilt and ellipticity of VLF broadcasts are measured and resolved into inphase and quadrature components of VLF response. The EM16 has discovered several base and precious-metal ore bodies and many water-bearing fractures and faults.

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Be sure to initially give your Kiwi a connection to the Internet and let it update to the latest software release. This process can take up to 60 minutes.If you're using the software installed by the factory (v1.2) you may not hear audio due to recent browser changes preventing the autoplay of audio and video.
The more the antenna signal is attenuated the more the intermodulation products will be reduced. But also the wanted (630 m band) signals will be attenuated, and we don't want these to drop below the receiver noise floor. The optimum value of the attenuator is reached when the external noise floor (QRM, QRN) is just above the receiver noise floor.

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Oct 09, 2015 · The BC-312 is a WWII Army receiver with HF band coverage similar to the BC-224/ BC-348 (no VLF on this one). It is much heavier and was used primarily as part of field installations and mobile communication vehicles. BC-342. Additional Files. TM 11-4001. Repair Instructions For Radio Receivers, February 1945 BC-312
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Likewise, the writer had no receiver which could tune these frequencies and set out to design a simple receiver for just that purpose. The superheterodyne receiver described is the result. It has been designated a VLF-LF receiver, because it tunes the VLF-LF range from 10 to 300 kHz, but it also tunes part of the MF spectrum from 300 to 500 kHz.
Here is a VLF receiver tuned to 300 kHz designed to detect the crackle of approaching lightning. A bright lamp flashes in sychrony with the lightning bolts indicating the proximity and intensity of the storm. Figure 1 shows the simple receiver which consists of a tuned amplifier driving a modified flasher circuit.

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Homemade wideband SDR receivers . A direct sampling receiver for HF is quite simple in principle: it needs a preamplifier, an analog-to-digital converter and a way to transfer the samples to a computer. Fast ADCs are easy to get but the way to connect one to an ordinary PC wasn't so obvious.

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VLF Radio Receiver Schematic s chematics wiring diagram circuits schema electronic projects shema. Walkie Talkie Schematic schematics free electronic circuits diagram ...
Any crystal having a frequency compatible with the receiver tuning range may be used. For example, with a 3500 kHz crystal, 3500 kHz on the receiver dial corresponds to zero kHz; 3600 to 100 kHz; 3700 to 200 kHz, etc (At 3500 khz on the receiver all one can hear is the converter oscillator, and VLF signals start to come in about 20 kHz higher).

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175KHz inductive pulse receiver (PDF) Schematics wiring diagram circuits schema electronic Automatic message sender for CB Schematics wiring diagram circuits schema electronic projects.
80m Superheterodine Receiver. Aircraft Receiver 118 MHz to 136 MHz. 455 kHz Beat Frequency Oscillator. Crystal Oscillators Types. VXOs Types and Schematics.

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This is a baseband WebSDR receiver, located in a rural area of the German uplands (Sauerland), using an e-field probe similar to the PA0RDT MiniWhip. The radio bandwidth of 48 kHz is converted directly by an ADC with 96 kHz sampling rate. The whole thing is part of the PA3FWM WebSDR project and operated by Sabine, DL1DBC. Read more ...
Vlf Antenna Amplifier

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Each receiver has its own bus-switching mixer, narrow ham-band front-end filters, 32-bit I.F. DSP, low-noise synthesizer, and up to five crystal roofing filters. The KBPF3A option extends receive coverage down to 100 kHz, covers all SWL bands, and allows 0.5 mW transmit output on the 472 kHz (630 m) band for use with external amplifiers.

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Pictured above is a little AM superhetrodyne receiver that covers the broadcast band from 550 Khz to 1650 Khz. The circuit employs the 8 pin Signetics balanced mixer IC (NE602) which converts the incoming RF signal to the standard 455 Khz IF signal and provides about 13dB gain.
Todmorden, UK. At present, the RSPdx is only compatible with a beta version of SDRplay's own application. We also make a VLF version of the Loop Antenna Amplifier. zip: 9/2012: So

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the receiver will be referred to as the 2005 VLF receiver. Though based on previous designs, the newest version adds a number of new improvements and modifications over the old VLF receivers, to be highlighted later. The rest of this packet will discuss the design, use, and performance of the 2005 VLF receiver.
Dec 06, 2014 · This design uses junk box 2N2222A or 2n3904 transistors. Its easy to build and offers excellent performance. Here is a preliminary schematic. It works well but I am still tweaking it. Look for revisions to follow. A few quick notes: It only uses bipolar transistors, and the antenna signal can be injected such that it is isolated…

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Experiment/sensor complement: (VLF Experiment, CAM) VLF Experiment: The scientific experiment is a VLF (Very Low Frequency) receiver of radio signals in the 3-30 kHz band range, capable of subsequent signal processing. The goal is to use the system for the detection of so-called whistlers to study terrestrial lightning and Earth's ionosphere.
This is a baseband WebSDR receiver, located in a rural area of the German uplands (Sauerland), using an e-field probe similar to the PA0RDT MiniWhip. The radio bandwidth of 48 kHz is converted directly by an ADC with 96 kHz sampling rate. The whole thing is part of the PA3FWM WebSDR project and operated by Sabine, DL1DBC. Read more ...

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The portrayed receiver has a serial number of "3" and appears to be either a limited production unit. I have no schematic or other information about these receivers and would welcome any help. In 1953 Richard Stoddart was an American delegate to the International Conference on EMI held in London. In 1958 he was made an IEEE Fellow.
Find Receiver Schematic VLF related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of A VLF receiver detects a radio frequency between 3 and 30 KHz.

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A directory to lists of high-frequency radio stations that often can be received by one or more receivers at the S-Meter site.
VLF Receiver Schematic. Click for larger image. Circuit operation (as I see it, anyway): R1 acts as a bias R for the input of U1, an AD823. R2 and C1 form a low pass filter with a

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Product Attributes: brand=rycom, mpn=3135, model=3135, country/region of manufacture=united states, sku=2634229144397191, types=receiver meter. RYCOM 3135 Receiver Meter Description 3135 Rycom Selective Volt Meter. The battery is dead and won't take a charge. These have been used and will do a good job for a vlf receiver.

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